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Air Protection Branch

4244 International Parkway, Suite 120
Atlanta, GA 30354
Phone: 404.363.7000  Fax: 404.363.7100
Keith M. Bentley, Branch Chief

Ambient Monitoring Program
Phone: 404.363.7006  Fax: 404.363.7100
Susan Zimmer-Dauphinee, Program Manager

  • Data Analysis Unit
    Janet Aldredge-Byars, Unit Manager

  • Meteorology Unit
    Bill Murphey, Unit Manager

  • Operations Unit
    Oretta Ferdinand, Unit Manager

  • Operations 2 Unit
    Ken Buckley, Unit Manager

  • Quality Assurance Unit
    Alex Yang, Unit Manager
Conduct ambient monitoring for acid rain, air toxics, VOCs, lead, ozone, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, and meteorological conditions.

Measure levels of air pollutants throughout the state.

Use data to determine compliance with ambient air quality standards.

Use data to evaluate the need for special controls and to assist with citizen inquiries.

Participate in the Smog Alert and Forecast program.

Environmental Radiation
Phone: 404.362.2675  Fax: 404.362.2653

  • Primary state responder to incidents at nuclear power plants.
  • Oversee remedial actions involving radioactive materials.
  • Maintain environmental radiation monitoring networks around commercial and defense nuclear facilities in or bordering Georgia.
  • Regulate the concentration, storage and disposal of radioactive waste material.
  • Provide radio-analytical laboratory support to EPD's drinking water and other regulatory programs.

Industrial Source Monitoring Program
Phone: 404.363.7141 Fax: 404.363.7100
Ross Winne, Program Manager
  • Chemical & VOC Source Monitoring Unit
    Richard Taylor, Unit Manager
  • Combustion & Mineral Source Monitoring Unit
    DeAnna Oser, Unit Manager
  • Data Management Unit
    Brian Gregory, Unit Manager

Specify and approve all stationary source emissions monitoring and testing procedures.

Work with stationary source permitting and compliance programs to ensure consistent and reliable testing methods.

Observe and certify all acid rain emission continuous monitors.

Mobile and Area Source Program
Phone: 404.363.7028  Fax: 404.362.2534
Pam Earl, Program Manager
  • Engines & Fuels Unit
    William Cook, Unit Manager
  • Inspection & Maintenance Unit
    Tim Smith, Unit Manager
  • Enforcement Unit
    Larry Cooper, Unit Manager
  • Public Affairs Unit
    Kelley Nardell-Powell, Unit Manager

Evaluate and control emissions from mobile (vehicular and non-road) sources and area (small stationary) sources.

Implement enhanced vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance program.

Implement clean fueled fleets program.

Ensure compliance with Stage I and Stage II gasoline vapor recovery rules.

Address Atlanta ozone non-attainment issues including developing and implementing control strategies.

Implement the Partnership for a Smog-Free Georgia program.

Provide contract administration for the Clean Air Campaign

Planning and Support Program
Phone: 404.363.7014  Fax: 404.363.7100
Jimmy Johnston, Program Manager
  • Administrative & Financial Management Unit
    Bob Shih, Acting Unit Manager
  • Data and Modeling Unit
    James Boylan, Unit Manager
  • Planning & Regulatory Development Unit
    James Kelly, Unit Manager

Plan, coordinate, and conduct emission inventories for the Branch.

Coordinate and develop air pollution reduction control strategies.

Develop computer dispersion modeling for permit reviews and air quality planning.

Plan for air quality attainment; coordinate the development of state implementation plans and rule makings.

Establish and collect permit fees.

Maintain weather and meteorological data.

Coordinate visible emissions (smoke) school.

Radioactive Materials
Phone: 404.362.2675  Fax: 404.362.2653

  • Regulate use of radioactive materials other than at nuclear reactors.
  • Administer the Georgia Radiation Control Act.
  • License and inspect users of radioactive materials.
  • Primary state responder for incidents involving radioactive materials and radiation exposure at licensed facilities.
  • Member of emergency response team for incidents at nuclear power plants.
  • Inspect and assure compliance at facilities including hospitals, doctors offices, radiopharmacies, industrial radiography, colleges, universities, environmental laboratories, industrial plants with gauging devices, and consultants.

A Closer Look into the Radioactive Materials Program

Small Business Environmental Assistance Program
Phone: 404.362.4842 or 877.427.6255  Fax: 404.363.7100
Teresa Shiflett, Program Manager

  • Provide technical and scientific advice and assistance to small business on behalf of other EPD programs.
  • Conduct Permit Assistance On-site compliance assessment visits. (The visits allow a determination of compliance without the threat of enforcement actions.)
  • Represent small businesses on regulatory review and updates
  • Hold workshops and seminars on air regulations to trade and industry groups.
  • Aid in investigating and resolving complaints and disputes from small business against the Air Protection Branch

Stationary Source Compliance Program
Phone: 404.363.7018    Fax: 404.363.7100
Karen Hays, Program Manager
  • Air Toxics Unit
    Michael Odom, Unit Manager
  • Chemicals/Minerals Unit
    Doug Waldron, Unit Manager
  • VOC/Combustion Unit
    James Eason, Unit Manager

Conduct inspections of stationary sources of air pollution (includes combustion, chemical, mineral, and VOC sources).

Enforce Air Quality Control Rules for combustion, chemical, mineral, and VOC sources.

Ensure that sources of air toxics are in compliance with air toxics rules.

Respond to citizen complaints about air quality problems.

Provide compliance assistance to newly regulated sources subject to air toxics rules.

Stationary Source Permitting Program
Phone: 404.363.7020 Fax: 404.363.7100
Eric Cornwell, Program Manager
  • Chemical Permitting Unit
    David Matos, Unit Manager
  • Combustion Permitting Unit
    (Vacant), Unit Manager
  • Minerals Permitting Unit
    Hamid Yavari, Unit Manager
  • NOx Permitting Unit
    Furqan Shaikh, Unit Manager
  • VOC Permitting Unit
    Manny Patel, Unit Manager

Review applications and issue air quality permits for new and modified industrial and other stationary air sources.

Review applications and issue Title V air permits and Synthetic Minor permits.


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