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Hazardous Site Inventory

Introduction. Information about how the Inventory is developed and the Class system used to differentiate the sites. [Revised Jul 2013]

Individual Lists of Sites on Inventory (sorted in various ways): Use these lists to determine the Site Number, then view the Site Summary document containing that number for more detailed site information. [Revised Jul 2013]:
Sites Listed by Name in Alphabetical Order
Sites Listed by County
Sites Listed by Site Number
Sites Listed by Class

Maps of HSI Site Locations  [Revised Jul 2013]:  Organized by County Name









Site Summaries (individual documents for numbered segments): Note: These Adobe PDF files are large and should be downloaded rather than viewed. [Revised Jul 2013]:
Site Numbers 10001-10099
Site Numbers 10100-10199
Site Numbers 10200-10299
Site Numbers 10300-10399
Site Numbers 10400-10499
Site Numbers 10500-10599
Site Numbers 10600-10699
Site Numbers 10700-10799
Site Numbers 10800-10899

Site Numbers 10900+

Site Summary (Excel Format) [Revised Jul, 2013]


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