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Operator Certification Reimbursement Program

water glass The Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Watershed Protection Branch, Drinking Water Program is pleased to announce the implementation of the Operator Certification Reimbursement Program. The Program has been designed to help small drinking water systems (those serving 3,300 or fewer persons) ensure that the highest quality drinking water is available to Georgia citizens.

The Operator Certification Reimbursement Program reimburses the costs of training and certification for persons -- operating community and non-transient non-community public water systems -- who are required to undergo training in accordance with section 1419(d) of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Operator certification for systems serving 3,300 or fewer persons will generally fall under Class IV or Class III certification. Reimbursable costs include an appropriate per diem for unsalaried operators.

Your GA EPD Grants Assistant is:
Rebecca Mason
P: 404.657.7665
F: 404.651.9590

Georgia Environmental Protection Division
Operator Certification Reimbursement Program
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. SE, Suite 1362-E
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-9000

If you have questions, please contact Rebecca Mason at 404.657.7665.

Program Fact Sheet
Who’s Eligible for reimbursement under the Program
How to Achieve Certification
Reimbursement Process


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