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When You'll Receive Expense Reimbursement

Qualified Georgia system operators will be reimbursed upon completion of required courses and receiving successful examination results in accordance with the Secretary of State guidelines for certification. All required documentation and expense receipts must be submitted to GA EPD to ensure timely reimbursement. Reimbursement will not be made until all requirements (from training through certification) have been met and all documentation received.

What you get reimbursed for:

Unsalaried Georgia system operators will be reimbursed for the certification costs of training, examination, mileage, and an appropriate per diem.

Salaried Georgia system operators of community and nontransient noncommunity public water systems serving 3,300 persons or fewer that are required to undergo training pursuant to the operator certification guidelines will be reimbursed for the certification costs of training, examination, and mileage not including per diem expenses.

*GA EPD reimbursements will be made within reason according to the following assumptions:

Per diem = $100/day or less

Meal allowance in accordance with the State of Georgia Statewide Travel Regulations (

Breakfast/Lunch – Up to $13.00 (not requiring overnight lodging, and traveling during appropriate hours)
Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner - Up to $28.00 (if overnight lodging is required)

Training classes = not exceeding $300

  • Training/Conferences/Continuing Education courses are subject to a CAP.
  • It is assumed that training will be received within Georgia, requests for reimbursement for training outside of Georgia require Pre-approval.

Mileage = $.28 per mile (average 200 mile trip – No limit on in-state travel; limits applicable to out-of-state travel for training – requires pre-approval; allowable out-of-state travel will apply ONLY to states adjacent to Georgia)

*Further stipulations may apply. You must be currently serving as an operator or operator-in-training at a Georgia CWS or NTNCWS serving 3,300 persons or fewer to be eligible for reimbursement under this Program. Contact Rebecca Mason at 404.657.7665 with questions.

What you must submit to GA EPD, Rebecca Mason, to receive reimbursement:

1) Course Verification form signed by Trainer
2) Operator Request for Reimbursement form
3) System Director Reference letter - unsalaried operators
4) Employment Verification letter – salaried operators
5) Form Completion Instructions form
6) Operator Per Diem/Mileage Reports
7) Operator Course/Exam/Expense Report
8) Copy of current license
9) All applicable receipts to support expense claims

Please submit documents for reimbursement to:
Rebecca Mason
P: 404.657.7665
F: 404.651.9590

Georgia Environmental Protection Division
Operator Certification Reimbursement Program
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. SE, Suite 1362-E
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-9000


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