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State of Georgia’s Environment Report

State of the Environment CoverThe Environmental Protection Division (EPD) of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources is pleased to present a new report on the State of Georgia’s Environment. This report contains up-to-date information on what we know, and don’t know, about the current condition of our water, land and air resources.

The report presents a series of environmental indicators related to protecting human health, sustaining healthy ecosystems, and supporting a growing economy. It discusses the environmental challenges that Georgians will face in the coming years and highlights actions that will lead to better environmental conditions while supporting the state’s economy and Georgians’ quality of life.

EPD is offering the report in PDF format for downloading and printing in its entirety, but please know that this is a large file (five megabytes) and downloading may take a significant amount of time. To download this report as a single complete PDF file, right-click here (or on the image to the right) and select Save Target As... to save the complete report on your computer.

The report also is offered for downloading and printing in sections (PDF format) as listed in the Table of Contents. Click on the following content headings to view, print, and save this material to your computer.


Objective 1: Protecting Human Health

Objective 2: Sustaining Healthy Ecosystems

Objective 3: Ensuring Resources to Support a Growing Economy

Summary of Accomplishments and Challenges


Data Sources and References


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